Are You Ready For This Next Step?

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Group of Friends

Is Atlas Life Right For You?

  • Can you benefit from help and support in finding a life direction? 

  • Do you feel like a year of life experience will help you be successful at college or in the work force?

  • Are you hoping to learn new skills to help you in returning to college?

  • Do you feel like you have had a limited global perspective and would benefit from the exposure to other cultures?

  • Are you feeling unmotivated to pursue a career that  is not in-line with who you are?

  • Can you benefit from adopting a healthier lifestyle?

  • A commitment to the journey of becoming our best selves

  • An opportunity for growth

  • A chance to discover new things and meet incredible people

  • A chance to learn new skills and create impressive resumes

  • The adoption of healthier and happier lifestyles 

  • Discarding past negative thoughts and expectations and the discovery of personal passion and direction 

  • A dedication to safe and purposeful independence 


A Self Driven Life Changing Adventure! 

What Are We?

Friends in Nature
  •  A significant sense of self and purpose

  • An understanding of the Spanish Language​

  • An impressive resume including certifications and international work experience

  • Transferrable college credit

  • Greater maturity and independence, ready to take on new challenges

  • Strong, meaningful friendships

  • Better family relationships 

  • Clear career and educational goals


You Will Leave Atlas Life With.....