Salt lake city

Atlas Salt Lake City - A hot spot for education, jobs, entrepreneurship, arts, music, and of course, some of the best skiing in the world. 



Salt Lake City is the gateway to world-renowned ski resorts, 12 national parks, music, arts, theatre, outdoor adventures of all kinds, outstanding colleges and universities, considered to be one of the top places for entrepreneurs and has a modern downtown with great shopping, restaurants and performing arts venues. Salt Lake City is also home to some of the very best life coaching and clinical resources in the nation. 

In addition to all normal services that includes coaching and supports with personal growth, education, vocation, service to others, entrepreneurship, financial self-reliance, personalized gap programs and more, Atlas Life Salt Lake City offers the following:

  • Emotional Support Animal Program for the right students. 

  • Outdoor adventure program that includes skiing, rock climbing, river rafting, mountain biking, and more designed to increase self-efficacy, grit, resiliency with long term transference into academics, vocation, and careers. 

  • In addition to the normal Tatori 1080, Salt Lake City also offers neuro pathway symmetry brain mapping and brain training. 

  • Specialized art and music programs that can include a hybrid education of college-level classes, individualized instruction, time in a music studio, job shadowing, internships, and more. 

  • Specialized clinical supports for those who may need more.