What will your day look like in paradise?

Art Class


Breakfast and Coffee with Johnny and Leanna

  • This is a great opportunity to connect, set some goals, and share some gratitude.  We truly are fortunate.


Resume Building Activities

  • Activities can include rock climbing, horseback riding, surfing, scuba diving, etc.

  • Students will manage a monthly allowance for different activities.  They can coordinate these activities with their life coach who can help with financial planning and time management. 

  • Many activities can lead to resume building certifications.


  • An important piece of being a part of a community is giving back.

    • We will volunteer and contribute to the beauty and fabric of Malaga​.

    • We will work with different charities to help support the surrounding community. 


  • We work hard to connect students with possible internship opportunities.

  • The ability to apply life coaching sessions to the real world is essential.


Siesta, Adventure, and Growth

  •  This can include:

    • Shopping at the local market for lunch and dinner

    • Spending time in Estepona or Marbella (Museums and other cultural opportunities)

    • Relaxing at home and/or spending time at the local club (pool, beach, tennis, marina, boating, golfing)

    • Scheduled coaching sessions which could either take place at the house or throughout town

Cooking and Eating Lunch

  • In Spain, lunch is the major meal of the day. We will cook and eat the majority of lunches together.

  •  This is an opportunity for connection and meaningful conversations 

Tapas Restaurant



  • While at Atlas Life, you will be able to attend classes at the local university, studying the Spanish language and culture

    • Our goal is that by the end of your time with us, you will be well on your way to being conversationally fluent in Spanish!​

    • We will be enrolling students in The University of Salamanca where they will be obtaining transferable college credit! ​ ​University of Salamanca

 Tapas and Conversation

  • A small meal in the community or back at the house is a great opportunity to connect and debrief the day! 

Free Time and Goodnight

  • This will most likely be spent at the house with occasional approved activity (flamenco shows, theater, live music...)


After a hard week of activities it's always nice to put up your feet and relax by the beach with your friends. 

This will also be the time to explore neighboring villages and cities:






Image by Elizeu Dias
Eiffel Tower Paris


We will also take larger trips to other amazing locations in Europe.  One of the benefits of our location is the access to Malaga's international airport.  It is easy to travel to other amazing destinations in Europe!  We plan to travel with students to other major European cities at least four times per year.






And More!