Welcome to Estepona, Spain

Atlas Life Spain is located in Estepona, near the bustling city of Malaga, in the incredible Costa Del Sol.  Estepona is known as the "Garden of the Costa Del Sol" because of its lush green trees and beautiful flower arrangements.     



We use the Spanish culture to create growth and change in students.  The appreciation for community, knowledge, and history is contagious.  We learn from stepping out of our comfort zones and gaining a more global perspective.  Our students will be exposed to art and culture, a Mediterranean diet, and travel!


Relationships are key to life satisfaction.  We focus on the fostering of positive connections and relationships, not only with the other students, but also with the community around them.  Having a positive and supportive environment is essential to growth and to the overall enjoyment of the Atlas experience.

Image by Simon Hermans
Group of Friends


By using the Tatori method, our life coaches are able to help students discover themselves, their needs, their passions, and their future goals.  Atlas will encourage them to look past preconceived expectations and find their true paths and callings.


Students at Atlas Life will be enrolled in Spanish language and culture classes.  It is our hope that students will leave Atlas on their way to becoming conversationally fluent in the Spanish language.  Credits earned will also be transferrable to educational institutions in the states.  For those students proficient in the Spanish language, there are additional college options including an American College, Business School, and Film School. 

Image by Brooke Cagle
Yoga by the Sea


Rock climbing, hiking, boating, flamenco dancing, pottery and art classes, yoga on the beach, meditation, swimming, cooking classes, golf, scuba diving, horseback riding, and relaxing on the beach are just a few options for our students.  It is essential to have balance in life, and that includes taking care of yourself and having a good time!  Many of these activities can also lead to certifications.


Part of self discovery and the formation of new identity will include creating a healthy lifestyle.  We take a holistic and full body approach.  By focusing on diet, sleep, exercise, and mindfulness, we will create patterns and routines that can be replicated for years to come.  

Eating Paella
Image by Jorge Fernández Salas


"Thank you for your interest in Atlas Life.  My family and I could not be more excited about this opportunity to support incredible young adults by exposing them to a life changing opportunity.   Spanish culture focuses on family, relationships, community, living in the moment, and food!  As we learn from and pay respect to this amazing culture, language, and community, we can't wait to see what we can learn from others and how to apply that to our own personal journey and story.  As the director of Atlas Life in Spain, my goal is to create and run a program that I would have wanted to attend in my youth and a program that I would want my daughter to attend as well.  I am looking forward to this great adventure, and I feel honored to be a part of your growth and change.  See you in Spain!"