Students Sitting on Staircase

Atlas Life Student Checklist

While at Atlas Life, we want to make sure that you are as prepared as you can possibly be.  Please take some time to go over this form with your coach.

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New Student Checklist
Attention: Atlas Life New Student                                                      Please read carefully, initial each line, and sign at the bottom.
Arrival Checklist:
            I have supplied a copy of my Driver’s License to my coach.
            I have supplied a copy of my Social Security card to my coach.
            I have the ORIGINAL Social Security card.
            I have supplied a copy of my health insurance card to my coach.
            I have shown my prescription(s), made note of pill count, and taken pictures of all bottles.
            I agree to honor the 90-day sobriety request from Atlas Life. If under 21, I agree to abide by the law of legal drinking age.
            I agree to NOT bring or be in possession of alcohol or any illegal drug onto Pacia Life property (owned or leased).
            I am NOT in the possession of any illegal substance currently.
            I understand that I am required to give proper notice for all transportation needs.
            I have been explained and agree to the financial plans for banking set up, log in and the 80/20 rule.
            I have NO cash, credit card, debit card or other monetary means (ie: crypto currency) in my possession.
            I have filled out the Atlas Life Contact List Form.
            I have been provided the address of the residence I will be living in.
            I have provided a 4-digit access code for my Atlas residence (if applicable for my housing property).
            I agree to honor Atlas Life property as NON-SMOKING and will only smoke or vape in designated outside areas and off of Atlas Property.
            I agree to respect the privacy of my roommates.
            I agree to maintain a respectful noise level at all times.
            I agree to the housing guidelines for keeping my space and shared space clean and tidy at ALL times.
            I have read, understood and signed the Atlas Residential Sublease Agreement.
            I have been explained and agree to follow the guidelines and expectations around curfew.

Release of Liability: As legal adults, you are expected to be responsible for your safety. You agree to release any location doing business under the name of Atlas, its agents, and employees from any claims or liabilities of any kind whatsoever, arising from or related to your participation in these activities. You may be required to sign your own liability releases for specific activities in the local community such as taking surf lessons, rock climbing and a wide range of other options.

Release of Information: You agree to the release of information from Atlas representatives to your parents, financial guarantors, educational consultant, previous programs, future programs, clinical professionals, medical professionals, and other parties we deem necessary.

Housing: I have read, understand and agree to the rules and guidelines outlined in the Atlas Residential Document. I also understand that Atlas Life is NOT responsible for the safety (lost or stolen) of my personal belongings in my room or the house. 

Damages: All students are responsible for damages and other housing expectations such as no smoking, no pets, care and cleanliness of the property, etc. Housing contracts are slightly different in each location, but will be reviewed in detail with the student upon moving in. As legal adults, students and their fiscal guarantor are responsible for any and all damages
which occur to any Atlas property which is owned, leased or associated in any way to Atlas Life. A damage fee of $1,000.00 will be charged to the financial guarantor’s credit card when damages are incurred. An estimate of repairs will be supplied in writing to Atlas, the student and the financial guarantor. Once the repairs are complete, a refund or balance
of repair costs will be applied to the credit card on file. Please note, that a student taking occupancy in any location is an implied contractual agreement, regardless of a written agreement or not, to the expectations of the housing and living arrangements of the landlord.  

Banking / Financial Planning: I understand that I will be opening a checking account at America’s First Credit Union in which funds are transferred for food and other miscellaneous expenses. I agree to provide all login information to my coaches and Billy Nicola when this account is set up.  

I have read the above statements, initialed each blank, and by signing this document I am acknowledging my agreement. I understand that in signing this contract, I am to honor the Atlas Life Guidelines and violation of this contract could result in being placed on a probationary period or expulsion from the program.


Thank You!  We Look Forward to Working With You!